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1.What is the use of UCA Technology in batteries?

Industrial Batteries Made with UCA technology Suitable for all ups/inverter design. Ulta low maintenance , heavy duty& abuse resistant. Designed for improved efficiency under normal charging conditions. Pure laboratory grade additives and chemicals used for reliable output. Special additives in electrolyte for quick recovery from deep discharge.

2.Do you do the design and the execution yourselves?

Our Products are designed and developed by experienced professionals and associates who have years of experience in power production industry.

3.Do you give guarantee and after sales service?

After the warranty period, we will continue to offer a lifetime technical support and maintenance services for user, such as on-site maintenance service and component replace service. Specific operation method for equipment maintenance is charge cost only, first maintenance cost quotations will be provided to user, and equipment will be maintenance after quotation confirmed. After-sales service is one of our major commitments. However, as intermediaries, we are bound to and strictly apply manufacturers' and distributors' terms and conditions regarding returns. We are also committed to total transparency regarding the guarantee of our products in order to avoid any misunderstanding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

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