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Solar Water Heater


Evita has grown to be one of the most trusted water heater brands with an extensive portfolio of premium quality geysers that encompasses the entire spectrum water heating solutions.

  • Better perfomance in winter and cloudy days
  • No scale formation, No pipe blockage, using salt & hard water.
  • High density compressed PUF insulated storage tank to retain the hot water upto 48 hrs.
  • Inner tank made of high grade materials with marine standard.
  • Extra auxiliary tank is fitted instead of airvent, withstands high pressure of cold water also minimize mixing of Hot & Cold water.
  • 2KW/3KW back-up heater with thermostat(Optimal)
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Anodized Aluminium Stand

Specially designed anodized aluminum alloy stand is weather-proof and prevents corroding, unlike MS/Steel stands. The aesthetics are designed to enhance the look of your terrace.

Evacuated Tube Collector

Evacuated glass tubes ensures water to stay warm for long time duration as it has 2 concentric glass tubes which prevent heat loss.

Rust Resistant

Rust-resistant outer body which helps in better durability of the water heater. Its powder-coated outer body resist corrosion.

Stainless Steel Inner Tank

High-quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank ensures high resistance to corrosion, and it is a food grade material.

Heavy Duty Protective Magnesium Anode

The tank has an anode rod with a stainless steel core that is designed to protect the tank from corrosive elements which might lead to breakage of inner tank. The system prevents corrosive elements which in turn prolongs the life of the water heater.

Type of collector ETC
Specifications 58-1800 mm or 58-2100 mm
Frame Angle 27o
Inner Tank Materials High Grade Materials SS/GI
Inner Tank Fully coated with NOVALOC Coating
Insulation High quality PUF materials
Tank Volume 100 Ltr – 500 Ltr
Outer Tank Powder coated / Stainless Steel
Number of Persons to use 3-18 Persons
Tube Size and Length 58 mm outer dia + 0.5 mm – 0.0 mm and 1800/2100 mm length
Absorber area of the collector Area covered by the collector: >=1.5 m2/100 LPD
Stagnation Temperature 180oC Maximum
Material of Construction(Absorber) Tube made of Borosilicate Glass
Coating Graded AI-N/AI Outer Surface of the inner tube Selective Black Chrome
Material Inner Tank Stainless Steel 304/316 Grade
Linear and collar welding Uniform Machine TIG/SIM Welding
Circumferential Welding Uniform Machine Resistance Welding
Thermal Insulating Welding Puf
Thickness of Insulation 50 mm
Heat Loss Overnight temparature loss 4oC – 6oC
Tank Cladding Pre Coated RAL 9002 Off-White/Stainless Steel 430 grade mirror finishing
No. of Tubes for (58/1800 mm) 10 for 100LPD, 15 for 150LPD, 20 for 200LPD, 25 for 250LPD & 30 for 300LPD
Electrical Heater OPTIONAL (2 KW immersion type heater)
Fasteners All fasteners used are GI/Stainless Steel (Nut & Bolt)
Interface between dissimilar materials Special Silicon Rubber – Dai 58
Structure GI – 1.2 mm thickness with Powder Coating
Available Colours Black, Blue and Red (Only for Dishes)
No water from outlet 1. No cold water in storage tank bottom water piping blocked of frozen
2. Valve at the outlet of system closed
Supply water repair or replace the piping provide piping with heat insulating material
Sunny day no hot water available The solar water heater has some cover or dirt or dust formation in the cold water inlet of the assistant tank Remove inlet connection of assistant tank, after cleaning and fix it properly
Water tank leakage 1. Silicon (Washer) rings break or installed incorrectly.
2. Water inner tank nipple crack.
1. Change the silicon ring or install it again the tank and solar tube work properly.
2. Change the damage nipple.
Water temparature Not Hot or sufficient quantity of hot water is not available Cloud or insufficient sun light, cold water supply valve leakage/not fully closed, More dust on glass, Mixing valve is half open 1. Change the silicon ring or install it again the tank and solar tube work properly.
Overflow problem in assistant tank 1. Mixer tap problem in the bathroom
2. Float ball proper locking not done.
The mixer tap lever should not be kept in the center position, because it will create the reverse flow of cold water into the hot water pipe line which will after overflow of the water from the air vent pipe.